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Plat Book 2               Plat Book 7               Plat Book 12                        Right of Way


Plat Book 3               Plat Book 8               Plat Book 13                        Condo Plat Book 1


Plat Book 4               Plat Book 9               Plat Book 14                        Formerly Palm Beach County Plat Books


Plat Book 5               Plat Book 10            Plat Book 15                        Formerly St Lucie County Plat Books

Plat Book 16            Plat Book 17            Unrecorded Plats             Map Book *NEW*


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Martin County Plat Index


Martin County Books 1 through 17

Martin County Condo Book 1

Martin County PUD Book 1 (pages 1 though 15)


St. Lucie Plats that are now Martin County (designated with as S)

Palm Beach Plats that are now Martin County (designated with a P)



When ordering plats, please provide the full name of the plat to help us verify the accuracy of the descriptions and locations.


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